Sunday, September 9, 2007

Harry Potter is Finished!

For those of you that don't know....I love to read! I do it a lot and at a pretty quick rate. I remember one of the first books my Mom recommended to me when I got home from my Mission was the first Harry Potter book. I wasn't quite sure if I was interested or first thought was "that's a children's book". Well the day came that I got bored enough to give it a try and surprise surprise I loved them! And I continued to love them until today. Even though these books were originally written as children's books they have as much of an adult following as anything else. I think it has almost become a part of the culture now.
Well, as sad as it is to admit.....its over! We don't have any more books to look forward to. Everything has been resolved & that's a little depressing and sad. However, we still have the movies. Not near as exciting or good, but at least it's something. The movies & books are something Tom & I enjoy doing together.
I'll enjoy sharing these stories with my nephews and nieces for years to come!