Thursday, June 14, 2007

Annual Summer Picnic

The best part of our annual summer picnic is I get the whole day off and get paid for a full 8 hours of work. Woohoo! This is something we get to do every year, all we have to do is put in an appearance at the picnic and we get paid for the whole day.
It was a pretty nice day. Unfortunately, Tom had to get up early to help take the scouts to a special scout camp up at Mirror Lake. They were suppose to leave at 6 this morning, but as usually happens with most church functions nothing happens on time! They got out late, which means that he really had to hurry to get back in time for the picnic, but he did! We got to the picnic just in time for us to get our pictures taken & to get in line for lunch. We had hamburgers, hotdogs, KFC chicken (of course) and all the fixins'.
At most of our picnics we usually have a bunch of carnival rides. This is a lot of fun for the kids, but for those of us that don't have any of those yet, it's just the excuse we need to leave early. After lunch Tom, Tammie (who was there because she workes in the IS department for the same company), & me took a little walk around the place we were at. This year the picnic was held at Wheeler Farm. Being a farm (kind of), there were animals there. I was able to find them with my acute sense of smell. It's not hard to mistake the smell of cows once you've experienced it. It took me back to my youth (flash backs...yeah!). We also took a walk around the rest of their property. It was nice to get out and take a little walk. I really enjoyed it!
The past couple of years my company has been doing a fund raiser for JDRF, this is for Diabetes. This year at the picnic, they raised money for that cause by having a raffle drawing (which we bought a few tickets for) & they also did a dunk tank. Everyone had the opportunity to nominate people to be in the dunk tank. People would then have the opportunity to pay to throw balls at the dunk take to get them very wet. It's a fun way to raise money. Everyone is always up for getting our co-workers wet!
We didn't stay much for the dunk tank though, just enough to see Dave totally soaked! There wasn't really a way to top that so we took off (hehehe).
The rest of the day we spent most of the time relaxing and hanging out (otherwise known as sleeping). I was also able to find a sub for my primary class so I can go to Mom & Dads house this weekend. I wasn't suppose to have to. The other teachers of my class were suppose to teach, but they had their baby yeah me! Luckily I was able to find someone on my first call!
Well, time to go to bed. I still have a day of work left before the week is over. It was nice having a day off in the middle!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Drama at the Office

Hello cyberspace folk! My husband has been encouraging me to start my own blog for a while now! He's had one for about a year now, I think (he just corrected's been 2 years). Time just flies...... I think he likes writing in his blog, even though he doesn't get much of a chance. I just had an epiphany, he always writes about things he thinks I'm not interested in. Maybe he just needs an outlet for his excitement, because of his unsupportive wife! I think it's like a public journal that you can't write specifics on because people might read it and get you in trouble. Interesting thought, but I'm open to try anything! This could be fun! I like to hear myself talk as much as anyone!
The reason I finally buckled down and did this is because my Mom's side of my family started a family blog. It's a lot of fun! You have to be invited to have access, so it's very private and open only to family. It's fun to be able to stay in contact with your loved ones. Especially as we get older, we don't get the chance to see each other very often.
The main excitement in my life right now is the drama at work. For those of you that don't know, I work in an office of women! Enough said!!!!!..........Just kidding, but it's true. There is never of shortage of drama and back biting in an office of women. I'm not your normal woman, so I get emotionally exhausted and confused by most of that crap! Right now, I get to look forward to training again! Woohoo! I'm the resident untitled, unnoticed, uncomplimented trainer in my department. The reason for this is mostly because I'm a good teacher, I think. Anyway, I've had the opportunity to do this 4 times already (this will be #5). As much as I enjoy teaching someone, after 5 times enough is enough. For goodness sake, the department is only a 4 freakin' person department! We're not so scary we should be scareing people off like this! The main problem is the demand of the job. It takes a lot of detail skill & hard work and some people (well maybe most) don't want to do both of those things or can't do both of them. I don't know. I guess I have a little bit of work-a-holic in me, so I love a job that keeps me hoppin' & keeps me busy! This one certainly does. Not everyone likes that in a job though. I hate to be bored!
We're kind of running out of people to choose from though. My company likes to promote from within. A lot of people we have to chose from, just couldn't do it (for one reason or another). Oh, well. The choice is not up to me anyways, just the teaching. I just hope we have someone to train before our third person goes on maternity leave in 2 months. Hehehe! This could get fun! But we've done it before and we can do it again! Gotta love it......or you'll go crazy!