Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My New Plates

I've mentioned before how when Tom & I got married we had an interesting group of furniture and accessories. Most of which we inherited from Tom's parents. The plate set was one of those. We had the exciting experience of getting married at about the same time that Tom's parents & my parents were moving. The benefit of this was everyone was getting rid of stuff (especially Tom's parents because they were moving into a smaller place now that their kids weren't living at home). So we didn't have to go into debt to buy a lot of furniture, but nothing really went together! The joys of being young, in love, & newly married!

One day I was visiting my little sister Ashley and noticed her plate set. It was the first time I remember seeing square plates and I loved it! I've really started loving the modern feel to a home. I decided that I had to have square plates. As a student, we couldn't afford to buy a new plate set. But as all of you know, that changed recently. We decided to wait until we moved to buy the plates so there wasn't any chance of anything getting broken. But we did get rid of the old plate set we had before we moved. Tom's brother Shaun recently got married and needed to inherit a few living items. They inherited a lot of the stuff we originally got from Tom's parents. Keeping them in the family! So we living out of paper plates & bowls for about 2 weeks. Fun times!!! It makes you appreciate the real things.

So for the past couple of months we've been looking around for a square plate set that we liked. We found a couple of options that were possibilities, but nothing we really liked. When we were staying at Tom's aunt and uncles house, they had a plate set that I loved the look of but weren't square. I thought, if I could find a square plate set just like that I'd buy it in a second. Well it didn't happen. I did however find a round set that was very similar to the set I saw at Tom's aunt and uncles house. The question was do we choose a round set that we love or a square set were unenthusiastic about. We ended up choosing the round ones and we love them!!!!
Here they are!


Janssen said...

I LOVE dishes - I wish I had more cupboard space for more sets.

Miriam Higginson said...

Congrats on making the decision. Good choice! when I saw the photo I thought - "Where's the square ones?", but then you explained it!

The Parkers said...

Wow! I love them! You are so lucky to have new dishes. I asked for new dishes one year for christmas and spencer's sister and grandma both got me ones from DI. I was bummed but at least they were new to me and I was able to get rid of my mis-matched dishes. I'd like to get a really nice set just for times when guest are here.