Friday, February 20, 2009

It's February........Right??

Ok, so I'm a little confused. Now you have to take into account I'm an Idaho girl pretty much born and raised. Plus before we moved to Washington, I had lived for about 9 years in Utah. But this is like no February I've ever experienced before. Logically I know that it's February, but my body seems to think it's April or something like that! It's absolutely beautiful outside here in Washington. However I do have to admit days like this don't come along a lot here in Washington. It really doesn't rain as much as people think it does.....or at least as much as they made me believe it did. But it is overcast here a lot.

People were outside without their coats, walking their dogs, or just taking leisurly walks around. The sun was shining the grass is green & I even could hear bird singing in the breaze! I love Washington!

And with all this gorgeous weather here in this beautiful area....what did my husband and the scouts do tonight??? They went camping. I know what you're thinking. That sounds logical right. But I'm not quite through yet. They went winter camping at a place called Hurrican Ridge. Now, I have yet to visit this place, but that will change tomorrow morning. The Young Women and families will join the Young Men there for our combined activity to go sledding. This does not mean I'm going sledding however. I am going to catch a ride with my friend Nicole (because I have no husband has our sole transportation) and I will add for moral support to everyone having fun in the snow. Brrrrrrr.


Michelle said...

Man Chelsea... I am SO jealous! I absolutely LOVE Washington. I vow to move there one day. Doug applied for a job at the naval base in Bremerton... which one does Tom work at? They had an electrician opening. It's a long shot, I know but we figured it doesn't hurt to apply!

Danae said...

We are also enjoying this beautiful weather. Washington really is wonderful. I am always so happy to hear when people are enjoying it as much as we are, because usually all you hear are the complaints about the weather here!

Tom said...

I love Washington too.
Actually, we camped at Salt Creek, which is a campground on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Here we have to choose between camping in the mountains and camping on the ocean. It's a tough one.

Miriam said...

ok, quit your bragging :)

Packrat said...

Laugh first - I'm "ribbing" you, okay? :) I "have" to do this, because I know you know better. You and Tom live in WESTERN Washington. EASTERN Washington is usually dry (except Spokane and north where they received several feet of snow this winter). Clarkston is in Washington. It is dry, brown, and Hot, Hot, Hot in the summer (and was 51 degrees Saturday). LOL

Chantelle and Oscar Abarca said...

Be glad that it is could be snowing, HARD!!!
That is something i don´t miss being here in Mexico.