Monday, November 9, 2009

My Review on V

Most of you probably know that I've a sci-fi freak! I like almost anything that is related to science fiction or fantasy. I do have my restrictions though. Anything with vampires, x-file type stuff, alien invasions are pretty much guaranteed to be found in my Netflix queue or as a book on my bedside table.

For those of you that read my sister A's blog, know that we were raised in a Sci-fi household. It was common to have our family bonding around the TV watching StarTrek, Star Wars, or V. I guess this is kind of an inherited obsession (from my Mom's side of the family mostly).

When I heard they were going to remake V, I wasn't sure how I felt. The old version of course was a bit corny and old fashioned, but I love it because I loved it back then. Plus, regardless of the bad special effects, I like the story and the meaning behind it. It shows what a civilization will do when threatened. It brings out both the best and the worst in people.

The difference between the old and new versions to me was very suttle. Same basic story, much better special effects, and some swapping in the sex of the characters. What used to be a girl character is now a guy character and vice versa. I'm still waiting to see whos going to play the crazy Diana chick character. There is more depth to the characters and there are some additional characters that weren't in the original.

I look forward to seeing where the show will lead and how it will either shadow the original or branch out and become it's own entity. This show has the potential of being really great or a total bust. Only time will tell!


Miriam said...

It's on tonight!! I'm all prepared for them to cancel it - usually happens with these kinds of shows that I really like :( They were playing the old reruns the week before the new V aired and they WERE corney! It was fun to watch the new one and try to figure out who was taking over what character. Yea Sci Fi!!

Ashley said...

I really dont remember the old V very much at all- just random parts. I actually thought it was a movie, until Tony had to remind me it was a tV show...hmmm. I am really excited about it though. Just one more show to take up my nights when my husband is at work...poor Kinsey wont get to watch her princess shows at night anymore- it just kills her!

Chelsea said...

I actually think it was a miniseries and a tv show.

Tara said...

I'm with Ashley...I only remember pieces of the show. Interesting what difference a few of years makes. ABC actually had good reception last night and I got to watch it. I'm enjoying it so far.