Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Book I Just Finished

by: Brandon Sanderson
A while ago, a friend of ours recommended a fantasy book to me. At the time I was in the middle of another series that I was reading. I've always been really interested in Sci-Fi and fantasy stories. I guess I can blame that on my parents for our many family activities of watching Sci-Fi TV shows and movies as a family. Now as an adult, I really enjoy reading Fantasy books. Recently I got tired of the skanky sex scenes I was finding in my books. I had been trying to ignore that part of the books because I liked the rest of the stories so much. Finally, I decided no matter how good the books were it wasn't worth it to put up with that crap. I asked for some friend to recommend some good fantasy books to read that didn't have that kind of stuff. Than I remembered that Aaron had recommended a book to me a while back. Aaron would never recommend something that wasn't completely clean!

The book is pretty long, so it took me a little while to read it. It takes place on a planet or something other than earth. It's not an alien book, just a completely different culture and reality than on our earth. The book is about political and religious unrest in a world that has experienced a lot of problems in their world. Mix that with a lot of cool fantasy story lines and it was a completely entertaining and fascinating book that I thoroughly enjoyed.


Janssen said...

Bart just finished reading the Mistborn series by him and LOVED them.

Woodine said...

I'm sure he'll be delighted to hear that. He loves that books and loves when other people enjoy it too. Glad you liked it!