Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tom's Birthday Week

Many of you might wonder, why I would title this blog "Tom's Birthday WEEK". The reason I say this is because I started celebrating his birthday at the beginning of the week. I started singing happy birthday to him on Sunday even though his birthday wasn't until Friday. Luckily for me and him he's used to me making a fool of myself with singing. I do it in the middle of Walmart sometimes. He is such a patient man with me. I'm just glad he loves me!

Tom told me previously that he wanted the first season of a show called Samarai Jack. This of course is a cartoon (those of you that know Tom won't have to ask why). Tom enjoys this show, but it is not terribly common or easy to find. I had to do a bit of looking to locate it in town. I didn't really want to have to order it, because I wanted him to be able to open it on his birthday. Well, I found it and it was a hit. Buying a present is so much easier when someone requests something specific!

For dinner on his birthday we went to a place called Cafe Rio. It's one of our favorite places to go for dinner. Tom loves mexican and I love their salads. I have a salad every time I go. I was very careful this time because of my weight loss goals. I was very careful with the dressing and I didn't eat the tortilla (even though they are freakin' nummy). I had my normal Pork salad & Tom had a burrito served enchilada style. I think we both really enjoyed it.

We then headed over to REI. This is an outdoor store, that sells anything outdoorsy. It's nirvana for Tom. He loves outdoor sports and entertainment. It turned out they were having a huge sale. So Tom got to buy himself a bike riding jacket. He wants to ride his bike when it cold outside. Nutty if you ask me, but I am totally supportive of him staying healthy in a way he enjoys.

Last but not least, was our trip to the U to shoot some pool. This is an activity that Tom has always enjoyed. I've become okay at it, although I'm still far from good at it. But we had a lot of fun teasing and cheering each other on. It was amazing how much time both of us spent chasing the last little ball around the table. It was kind of hilarious!

Well, happy birthday Babe! Here's to another year! I LOVE YOU!!!!


Tom said...

I love you babe! It was a great birthday, and I love Samuri Jack!

Miriam Higginson said...

Sounds like you had a good birthday Tom! You just get better with age, like fine.....rootbeer? Never heard of Samuri Jack - bet that's something Spencer would enjoy too - guys!! Happy you had a good day. :)