Tuesday, November 18, 2008


As a warning to the males reading this post, just close the window now and look at something else. My husband is quite used to my "inappropriate for male ears" topics, but most others probably would like to pretend that words like bras and tampons are not even in the English language.

So, I've needed a new bra for forever. Always in the past I've bought my bras at swanky stores such as Walmart, Target or Kohls. Love these places, but they aren't really known for the feminine lingerie lines. Tom and I were in the mall the other day and passed "Victoria Secret". This is a store I visit a couple of times a year because I use their nummy smelling lotions. I decided to go in a take a look at their bras. I had no idea what I was really looking for and I hadn't really been officially sized for one before.

The lady there asked me if I'd like to be sized. And I thought why not. As I've mentioned before, I've lost some weight in the past couple of years. Ironically, my cup size has gone up while my measurement has gone down. The lady thought I was probably wearing the wrong cup size because I was wearing one too big around. I bought an expensive bra at that store in my right size, just to try it out. I really like it so far. I think it supports me better than previous bras have before.

Here's my question to all you females!!!!! In your opinion, is it worth it to buy the more expensive bra for a specialty store? Does it matter?


Michelle said...

CHELSEA! I can't believe you've been going to Target, Walmart, etc all these years!! I got my first VS bra a few years ago and I have never gone with anything else since. I LOVE them. They last sooooo much longer (if you don't dry them in the dryer) and they are way more supportive. Congrats on the discovery! And in my opinion, they are definitely worth the extra money!

ashley said...


I totally think it is worth the money! I love buying bras at VS! It matters how we are doing on money, but I agree with michelle, whoever that is, that they last longer and are better quality. And also, I just feel fancier wearing VS and buying stuff in the there. That is a really dumb reason for liking them...but it is one of many! Wish you could have been here for the bra party (mom, tara and I all went to VS a month or so ago and bought some bras...it was fun spending so much money on underwear!) I am sure Dave thought otherwise, or at least hoped that they were something other than white...poor dave.

Michelle Kruger said...

Yes it is worth it. I don't necessarily think one needs a victoria secret bra, but certainly better than Kohls and walmart. My favorite is the BALI outlet. At least you can be properly sized and fitted. It really does matter.

Miriam Higginson said...

Ashley mentioned our joint trip to VS - I am loving mine (got 2)! I am amazed at the difference it has made to my figure - as Oprah would say "it got the girls up out of the basement and back where they should be!" Didn't know about not putting them through the dryer - I'll be careful of that from now on - they are pricey enough that I want them to last as long as possible! I'm a convert!

Roden Family said...

I LOVE Victoria Secret bras and totally recommend them....if you can afford them! They are worth the money! Speaking of bras, I really need to go and get me one:)

ashley said...

I need your address! Email it to me! Thanks!