Friday, December 18, 2009

My New Table and Jake's Fun with a Wrapping Paper Roll!

As a lot of you already know, I was finally able to purchase a new kitchen table (or I should actually say, my husband purchased one for me with his hard worked overtime hours). I've been wanting a new table for a long time! Like most things involving our furniture choices, it took quite a while for us to come to a mutual decision. Sometimes we have very different tastes in furniture!

Jake loves to play! We discovered we can recycle our old empty Christmas Wrapping Rolls into toys for him. Here are some pictures of him thoroughly enjoying himself.


Miriam said...

Finally a photo of the table! Looks beautiful. And Jake acts like a typical little kid - the "box" some times is just as much fun as the toy. And you don't feel bad when it get destroyed :)

Ashley and Dave said...

I really like it...the table...and the dog :) Thanks for the recipes!

Marie said...

Great table! Is it counter height?

Tom said...

I love cardboard tubes too.
Yes, the table is counter height. It also has one of those cool "butterfly" leaves that folds up inside so you don't have to store it somewhere. Genius.