Sunday, March 7, 2010

Curry & Church

I know, It's not the two words you would expect together in a post. But I have a lot to catch up on! Saturday's weather was less than desirable. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but the weather actually reminds me a lot of Washington. Although I have been told last week it was beautiful. Lucky us we missed it...typical (I've also heard the weather back home is gorgeous right now). One thing I did notice was how many umbrellas there are around here. In Washington hardly anybody uses an umbrella. There's kind of a unwritten joke there that if you see someone with an umbrella they are obviously visiting. However, back home I pretty much go from house to car to store to car to house. Not a lot of time to really worry about the weather. People spend a lot more time walking around here though.What we decided to do instead of spending a lot of time outside was investigate the big mall across the street from our hotel. We invited Tom's friend Jordan along for the ride. Unfortunately, i's pretty much a typical mall. I was hoping for some more local flavor. But it was still fun to wander around. Tom and Jordan really seemed to like the music store (they had some cool guitars) and the toy section of a couple of stores. Boys and their toys! There were a couple of stores I wanted to investigate more, but I figured I could go back at a later date without them.

That same day at our motel, there was a cool performance going on. The women were in full Japanese outfit and were playing some cool instruments. Not only were we fascinated, but there was a whole group of local folks surrounding them enjoying the performance. Very cool!

That night we went on a double date with my friend Shari and her husband Karl. There was an Indian place that was a little drive away that is a favorite of Shari's. It was absolutely amazing! It was by far the most we had spent on a meal so far, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. The customer service was also amazing there. There is a young man that works there that always remembers what Shari wants. Tom and I had been to an Indian place a couple of days ago with Jordan here in town, but it wasn't near as good. I'm glad we had the opportunity to try this place. It's one of those places we would have never experienced on our own.

Sunday we went to church with the Navy branch. It is held off base in the random building. Sacrament is on the 3rd floor and the classes are on the 6th floor. There are three different families from our Silverdale ward that are now here and in this branch. I think it is so funny that one ward in Washington has such a large number of members in a little branch half way around the world. They've started calling it one of the Silverdale 6th ward Annexes back home. It was a lot of fun to see everybody. I was also able to hook up with my friend Kate. We're getting together later this week to hang out. Kate and I were both in the Young Women in Silverdale. I thoroughly enjoyed church. Everybody was very friends and welcoming!

As you can probably tell, Tom and I are having a great time. We've even talked about maybe moving here for a few years in the future. We should probably wait until Tom's fully certified before we do that though. I guess we'll see what life offers us.


Ashley and Dave said...

Hi!! Knowing that you are so far away makes me miss you that much more!! I am so glad that you are having such a fun time...boy, I wish I could come and visit :) Sorry I have not commented earlier...but ladeeda, no internet. boo to that. I am going to try and catch up on some of your posts today because I feel like I am missing out on all your exciting stuff. Addie wishes that she could meet you...I already taught her to say your name ;)
I love you so much! Have fun! Say hi to tom!

Ashley and Dave said...

OK...I am all caught up now :) That dessert reminded Dave and I of the food off of Hook- you remember? How it is all bright and colorful. I had heard most of your stories already because I made mom give me the low down while she was staying with us (which wasnt long by the way because she got sick from Kinsey...its been loads of fun, I will blog about it)

Michelle Kruger said...

It is amazing how small this world is when you go to church in asia and find people you knew from church in america.