Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day Celebrations

This year for Memorial Day my cousin Jana invited us to join her and her husband Josh on a trip to the beach with their two dogs.  Jana has had Lexi for quite a while, but they recently got a puppy that we hadn't met before.  He's really cute, they named him Delorian (sp?) ....they use a shortened version that I can't remember when they are talking to him.  Jake wasn't quite sure about him when they first met, but the puppy loved Jake.  I think he found him less intimidating than Lexi (due to their size difference). 

Now, beaches in Washington are not the same experience as beaches in California or Hawaii.  For me, it never gets warm enough (even at the warmest time of the year) for me to want to get in a swimsuit and in the ocean here.  We knew that going into this, so we made sure we were dressed accordingly.

Jake had an absolute blast at the beach.  He got to chase after Lexi, birds, and the waves.  Of course because he is Jake, he does not like the water.  He accidentally found himself in the middles of a puddle a couple of times because he was so focused on following Lexi that he wasn't watching where he was going.  It was quite funny to watch him look down and realize his was in water and jump out as fast as possible.  Towards the end of our time at the beach Jake started warming up towards the little puppy.  They started wrestling around in the sand.  The cutest  thing was watching him reach up and biting Jake's ears.  Jake's usually the one doing the annoying, it was funny seeing him on the other side.

While we were up there, we had pizza at a local pizza store.  It was really tasty, although Tom was not a fan of the sun-dried tomatoes.  He piled those in a little pile on his plate.  We also went to a little souvenir shop that had a cool brush system for everyone to get the sand off their shoes before they entered the store.  The purpose of the visit was to buy some salt water taffy they had there.  They had about 20 different flavors to chose from.  They were pretty tasty!  We still have a bag of it in our kitchen.

It was a great day and when I got back home Jake and I crashed on the bed for a nap!  Perfect end to a perfect day!


Ashley and Dave said...

I think its funny to see your beach on memorial day weekend and my beach...we are all in summer clothes...could have been in swimsuits- it was that nice, but the water is still pretty cold...and then you are all in your wintery gear. ha. We will totally move back west, but sometimes I wonder why. Then I remember our family :)

David Higginson said...

I am sitting here in the comfort of Roosevelt Utah's balmy late spring and although it is not hot outside, the temperature in the house is about 81. Very comfortable as far as I am concernted. Now as I look at your pictures, I am trying to get excited about going to the seashore. Nope! I just can't do it. It looks like Janna was also there and hopefully it was not all as exciting as your picture indicates, but I hope YOU has a great time. As for us, while Blake and Sarah went to Flaming Gorge and had a nice lunch at the Red Canyon Lodge, Mom and I stayed at home (we were not invited needless to say) and she planted flowers and I painted the deck. A thrilling Memorial Day if I do say so myself. Blake and Sarah made it back for a little dinner and then she was off to Provo.

Janssen said...

Sounds like a lovely day!