Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Weekend Alone

This past weekend Tom got to go to Washington for his big interview. He had his original interview a couple of months ago. About a month ago, they called him and invited him to come up (at their expense) and have a second interview. Tom loves Washington, so he jumped at the chance for a visit that he didn't have to pay for. Regardless of weather he got the job or not, it would still be a cool experience for him. The downside was, I couldn't go with him. So Saturday morning I dropped him off at the airport and returned to my very entertaining empty apartment. Wahoo for me!

Anyway, it wasn't so bad. I spent the day getting my oil changed in the Honda, watching some TV, & playing some of Tom's video games. Yeah, I know I am very exciting! That night my friend Tammie & I went to dinner at a place called Souper Salad. The specialize in Salad, Soup & all the trimmings! I always enjoy going there. Tammie's my salad buddy, so she was more than happy to join me. We then went back to her house and watched the movie "Step Up" on her laptop. Shelli was at her Winter party for work & the others were watching "StarDust" in the living room. It was actually a pretty cute show. Kind of reminded me of "Save the Last Dance".

The next morning I got to go to Ben's babys blessing (Ben is Tom's best friend). Tom couldn't be there, so I went instead. It was a beautiful blessing. He did an amazing job. It was beautiful & very moving. Their entire family was there (both sides). It was a fun experience. Ben's brother has twins & there was a moment right in the middle of sacrament meeting when his wife was outside with the girl and had to come back in and swap the sleeping girl for the screaming boy from daddy. It was kind of entertaining! Ben's dad tried to take the blame for the huge family that was visiting the ward. Ben's grandpa corrected him however and said it was all due to him instead. Quite funny!

Well, Tom is home now! Thank goodness! I really missed him and am happy to have him home. I will let him tell you about his grand adventure in his own blog! He had a great time!


Miriam Higginson said...

I forgot to ask how that all went - I'm such a scatterbrain sometimes. I've thought about it often enough, but then something distracts me...senior moments happen more and more, scary!

Tara said...
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Tara said...

I have been without my husband this week too. Spencer left for work to Minnesota on Sunday and comes home tonight (yea!).