Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This weekend was my birthday. Birthdays are a strange thing when you get older. It's not so much something you look forward to anymore, as something that happens. I turned 32 this year. Luckily for me, everyone who finds out how old I am are constantly shocked that I'm as old as I am. I choose to take it as a compliment to my youthful appearance instead of something about my maturity level (hehe).

My birthday fell on a Sunday this year. That means not a lot of excitement. I got to talk to my entire family though, which was probably the high point of my day. I had forbidden Tom from buying me a birthday present. There was nothing I needed and we just had Christmas a month ago. So instead he bought some lotion and gave me a massage before we left for Bear Lake. HEAVENLY!

The part of my birthday that I've been looking forward to for a while was my birthday dinner. Every year for my birthday, my friends Tammie, Shelli & Tracy come with us to dinner. The place varies every year, but the company is always the same. This year I've had the place planned for months. Teppanyaki, is a Japanese grill. It's very tastey....and definitely not a disappointment. All of us really enjoyed it. The food was good & the show was fun! For anyone that isn't familiar with this type of restaurant, everone sits surrounding a flat grill. You get your own personal chef and comes and cooks your meal in front of you. I recommend it for anyone that thinks this sounds cool. It is a little expensive, but for an occasional night it's a great bet!


Tom said...

The teriyaki scallops were awesome!! Actually, come to think of it, so was the chicken, the noodles, the beef, and the shrimp. I'm sure the lobster wouldn't have disappointed, but $42 was a little steep.

Miriam Higginson said...

I want to go to one of these places some time!

Tara said...

Sounds yummy!