Sunday, January 27, 2008

Biggest Loser

First thing that needs to be explained before I start is a phenomena at work that we like to call the "Horizontal Shift". It's unavoidable where I work to not put on weight. #1 We sit on our butts all day long looking at a computer #2 They are constantly feeding us junk food there (not all from the company, people bring all their left overs in as well). Now some of us have more self control then others. I'm not great at this particular skill, but I'm getting better.

Because summer is approaching and some people at work wanted to lose some wait before this happened, we are having our own "Biggest Loser" at work. Some of us have been trying to lose weight anyways, so we decided to join this competition to keep us from cheating while others are in it for the prize money. Here's the buzz.....we all pay $3 per week for 15 weeks. For those of you that are mathematically challenged, that is a total of $45. They divided us in to teams of two and we get to weigh in every week. They give out a weekly award and at the end of the 15 weeks the winner gets a big chunk of change to split between the two team members. This is based on body fat % not necessarily pounds. Right now the guys are doing amazingly, but I think the girls will be the ones to beat at the end of the competition! My goal is only 2 pound a week. For 15 weeks that is a total of 30 pounds! I think it's doable and healthy!

I'm not in it to win the money, I just needed the incentive to stay on the program. We can use any diet of exercise program we want to use. I just hope nobody cheats or abuses their body to much so people don't get frustrated. As long as I continue to lose weight I'll be happy!
I'm going to look HOT for that cruise!


Tara said...

Interesting. You will be losing 2 lbs a week and I will be putting on 1 lb a week. What are your dieting plans?

Chelsea said...

Same thing I've been doing for the past year or so, Herbalife. It works for me so I stick with it. If I can just stick with the plan, it'll work great!

Tom said...

Some of Chelsea's incentive is rubbing off onto me. I have difficulty losing weight because I'm a stress eater and school supplies plenty of that. I'm going to lose some weight with Chelsea.

Miriam Higginson said...

Hey, this is a little along the same lines of me and some friends (Carole included) who each put $50 into a pot. We can't eat sugar for 3 months (we started right after Thanksgiving). Anyone who goofs up forfeits their money and the pot is divided up between those who make it to the end. It's all on the honor system. Unfortunately just staying away from sugar evidently doesn't go far in weight loss! But since I want my money back (don't care about getting anyone elses money) it has kept me out of many a dessert!

Miriam Higginson said...

P.S. I'm excited for you, good luck - let me know how you do!