Friday, September 25, 2009

Fun in Utah

Tuesday morning we left for Utah. One of the things that made this trip kind of nice, was we listened to a book on tape for the whole trip. It was "The Host" by Stephanie Meyer. I was a huge fan of the twilight books and hope to eventually have all of them in hardback at some point. Shockingly though I have never read "The Host", although Mom did lend me her copy on the cruise in May. Have I read it yet....nope. All my new books have come out in the past 4 or so months. Now I really want to read it, because we weren't able to finish it on CD. It's going to have to wait until I finish a couple of books I have though. If I don't read them now, I go to the bottom of the hold list again and some of these books have around 30 holds. Yuck!!! Anyway regardless of what my Dad thought ,I loved it. Very entertaining (if at sometimes creepy) book.

Our first stop was Orem to see my baby brother B. He's going to school there in construction management. He seems to really be enjoying himself. He helped me buy myself new sunglasses and then we went back to his apartment and I got to meet 2 of his roommates and his friend C. It was a lot of fun, plus I got to drive in his cool car with the top down. I felt stylin'! He than gave me ride to S's new townhouse.

My friends S & T.J. both bought new townhomes a few months ago. I actually heard about it the first time while I was at one of our stops on our cruise. I've been wanting to fly down to see them since they bought the houses. I kept looking for a good deal on airlines but wasn't having much luck. Riding down with my parents gave me that opportunity because I only had to pay for a one way ticket. Both townhomes were absolutely amazing. I was also able to see the townhome of their cousin L. All 3 townhomes are in the same community and within walking distance from each other but are different floorplans. All of them had different floorplans and had definite nice things about each floorplan. I liked that L had a small living room and a small family room and her kitchen island. I liked T.J. big valted ceilings and extra windows. I liked S kitchen and huge laundry room and linen closet. Both T.J. and S had an unfinished basement as well. They are also brand new and have gas fireplaces. Nice places girls!

I was also able to visit my old job while I was there. It was really nice to see everyone. It really made me miss my job and the people I left behind. Like every job there were things that drove me crazy, but overall it was a great job! I was able to see almost everyone I wanted to there. The only person I really didn't have time to talk to very much (except in passing) was my boss. I'm very glad that I made time to go see everyone.

One day while T, S, & T.J. were all at work I was able to hang out with my mother-in-law. We also picked up my sister-in-law A, and we went to Olive Garden for lunch. It was so tasty! Soup, salad, and breadsticks. You have to love it! My mother-in-law M also bought us some delicious appetizers which I always enjoy! After lunch we did a little shopping and then were able to stop by and see my husbands grandma K and grandpa C. It was great seeing them! They are both sharp as a tack and a lot of fun to talk to. I really enjoyed the whole day!

S, T.J., & T all took Friday off so we could spend the day together before my flight that night. It was a great time. We all went and got pedicures, did a little shopping, and went to see the movie G. I. Joe. The pedicures were a lot of fun and I've really enjoyed having "pretty toes" (as the daughter of a friend recently told me). I wish I could get a pedicure more often, but the fun part of the experience was really just hanging out with my girlfriends both on Friday and for the rest of the visit. I really miss that! The movie was a lot of fun too! I'd wanted to see it. It was very exciting and fast moving. I told my husband that we definitely need to go see it. I think he'll really like it! It's kind of a guys show that girls will enjoy as well (as long as they like action flicks I guess).Thanks to everyone that gave up time to spend with me! I loved seeing all of you and hope I can repeat it again soon! I love you all!


Janssen said...

Sounds like a great trip! I love vacation :)

Tom said...

Sounds like a great time!

Miriam said...

Now how did you get all three of them to look at the camera and smile?? I wish I had a nickle for every time I got photos of them with their hands in front of their faces or hair flipping as they quickly turn their heads away! Glad the second leg of your trip went so well!

Tara said...

You look so dainty in the first picture with your hand on your knee.