Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chicken Gyros

Since I've been staying home with our dog, I've been trying to work on my cooking skills. This has always been something that I've wanted to improve. I feel like I've come a long ways in the past year and a half. Since I got married, I've been collecting cook books. My husband used to make fun of me, because I kept buying cook books but never used them. I've recently found out I can find a lot of really good recipes on the web, no purchase required.

A while ago my cousin Janssen made a blog about some recipes she had made that week. A lot of them sounded really tasty, including the Chicken Gyros (pronounced Yero..for those of you that don't know). Tom introduced me to Greek food when we got married. I'd never had a Gyro before. Now I love them. This recipe was amazing. It's pretty non-fattening too (not including the pita). As a warning, it is a little time consuming but pretty easy. It takes straining the yogurt (to get the excess water out of it) and peeling and grating a cucumber. The straining is what takes the most time.

If you like greek food or Gyros I totally recommend this recipe. The recipe also has a link for homemade pitas (which I did not make). They're suppose to be really good, maybe I'll make them next time.

For the recipe click here.

Here's a picture of me holding my Gyro.


Janssen said...

Aren't those DELICIOUS? I made them again a few weeks ago and we both nearly sobbed with joy. Need to make them again soon!

Packrat said...

These sound wonderful. Just read where you are going to Japan! How exciting. Hope you blog about your experiences and post lots of pictures.

Tara said...

I had a recipe that required pitas this week too. You would think that pitas shouldn't be a hard thing to find, but both grocery stores were out. Go figure. That picture looks way yummy.