Monday, April 26, 2010

Tom's First Weekend Home

My husband if finally home from Japan!  He had a great time, but is happy to be home again.  Needless to say, Jake was very excited to see Tom (I just posted the video of the reunion on Facebook).  Tom had the weekend to recuperate and get her sleep cycle back on Washington time before he had to go back to work on Monday.  He came home with a plan to accomplish that!

His plan was to stay up as long as he possibly could on Friday and go to bed around 8 pm that night.  That means it would be around noon Japan time.  This would require him to stay awake for over 24 hours.  He got a hour or so of sleep on the plane, but as most people know sleeping on a plane is not a real fitful sleep.  I had also not had a real great night sleep the night before. We were both a little tired as the afternoon progressed.  By 7 pm that night we were both ready to call an end to the day.

We did a lot of running around with the grocery store and other places that we needed.  We also took Jake to the dog park.  Like always he had an absolute blast and loved interacting with the other people and dogs there. 

The next day Tom woke up around 3 am and was up for a few hours and then came back to bed to sleep for a few hours.  While we had been in Japan the grass in our yard had gone crazy!  It was growing up like crazy.  It's kind of confusing to me what makes the grass suddenly start growing here in the spring.  It gets a little warmer and it rains a little less, but not by an extreme amount.  What makes the grass and flowers suddenly start sprouting like crazy?

Our backyard was a jungle.  Although I really think Jake enjoyed it.  Tom mowed the lawn on Saturday.  It was pretty much an all day experience!  He did an amazing job and it looks tons better.  Through the experience of seeing our grass grown everywhere, we realized there are portions of our yard that are not grass.  We're not exactly sure what it is, but we know we eventually have to replace it with actual grass or something else. 

Sunday, after church we went to dinner at Aaron and Christine's house.  They are friend of our from Silverdale that are sadly moving to Arizona at the end of this week.  We brought a bunch of ingredients to make tacos to the their house and mixed with some ingredients they were trying to get rid of!  They had some delicious Peach and Mango salsa that we ate with chips as a side dish.  It was a lot of fun to see them and hang out and of course the food was amazing!  After dinner they made brownies (one of my weaknesses) and relaxed around a pan of that!  We're excited to see them again on Friday.  They're staying at our house that night on their way out of town after they check out of their apartment.  We'll miss you guys!


Tara said...

Yea! I bet it is nice to have life back to normal. That tells you the difference between where you live and where I live. The grass is showing some green but no growth and no flowers sprouting yet. Although Spence did mow the back to get rid of the yucky leftovers from winter. It's still pretty cold here though with rain and some snow. But the snow doesn't usually stick around very long. April showers bring May flowers. Right?!

Miriam said...

I came to check and yes I had read this! I should make a habit of posting a comment on everything just so people know I'd been there!