Friday, November 9, 2007

Profit Sharing

Last night was our yearly profit sharing meeting for my work. I call it a business meeting where they happen to feed you. Tom, however, calls it a free dinner. Interesting how people have different views on the same experience!
At my work they invest money in an employees name. This of course gathers interest based on how well the investments increased that year. This year we did quite well...yeah! Also an exciting thing is I'm now fully vested!
This is a nice start to our retirement, somewhere down the road! We of coarse hope to continue to build upon this! I really love the company I work for! Pete really set up the Company to help the employees. Biggest heart in the world!
Dinner was really good too. We had chicken cordon bleu (or something like that) & cheese cake for dessert. Nummy! The rolls were very good too. Anyone that know my family know we like rolls a lot. All that starch, tastey!

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