Monday, November 26, 2007


Thanksgiving was a lot of fun this year! We got abandoned by Tom's parents. They decided to go to see the grandkids in Indiana and left us behind. Fortunately for us, Tom's grandpa and most of his kids and grandkids had a mini-family reunion/thanksgiving dinner. The coordination started about a month ago, getting all the RSVPs & dish assignments assigned. When Tom emailed his Aunt that we could bring potato rolls or pumpkin cheesecake, I thought it would be buzy but doeable. Thanksgiving week at work is what everyone there calls "hell week". This is due to the reason that we have 3 days to get 5 days of work done. Always exciting. Obviously not a lot of time after I get home to do any cooking. Well, the assignments came back and guess what I got assigned: rolls & cheesecake. I heard about that with a groan! Luckily, I got enough done on Monday & Tuesday and was able to leave on Wednesday a little early. Well, except for a little problem with the cheesecake crust and it cracking a little everything went great. I was even asked for the roll recipe. Tastey! The best part of the food asignments was Tom's brother got assigned .....wait for it......are you ready.....butter! Freakin' butter, I was thinking it better be freshly churned! No such luck. But he did come over Wednesday night and helped do dishes while we cooked!
After thanksgiving we went over to Ashley's in laws and visited them for a little bit! It was fun to see some of my family for a little bit. I got to see Kinsey take a bath. So cute!
The rest of the weekend was relaxing! Overall, it was a great weekend!


Janssen said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I'm glad your items turned out top-notch!

Miriam Higginson said...

I made those same rolls over thanksgiving too - thank you
Aunt Ann for the potato roll recipe, a family favorite for years and years!! Glad you got to hook up with Ashley!

Ashley said...

Haha! I loved that Tom's brother brought butter because that totally would have been my assignment had it been our family.

Ashley said...

Kins looks like a such a little red head in this picture!