Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Fast Weekend to Utah

A little over a week ago Tom received a call that we knew was coming.  His grandma passed away.  Although everyone is going to miss Vena, we're glad that she doesn't have to worry about her physical limitations any more.  Her husband passed away around 41 years ago and she never remarried or to anybody's knowledge dated anybody.  Tom felt strongly that he wanted to be in Utah for the funeral.  Tom's Mom offered to fly him home with some miles she had available.  Tom however wanted me to come, so we piled into the gas guzzling Landcruiser with our dog Jake for the long 16 hour drive to Salt Lake City.

Then there was the issue of where to stay.  We love having Jake in our lives (he's like our child), but whenever we go anywhere there is always the issue of finding someone to either watch him or find somewhere we can stay with him.  That's never an option at Tom's parents because his Mom has a dog allergy problem.  Usually my girlfriend Shelli is understanding enough to let us crash at his townhouse, but she was already booked solid by her Mom and Grandma.  So, we had contacted Tom's brother Shaun and his wife Alicia to stay at their apartment.  Unfortunately we found out after we were already 4 or so hours after we were already on the road (with Jake) that their landlord said no.  This kind of put us in a tight spot with very little time to figure it out.  Luckily a good friend of ours, Travis, stepped up and let us stay at his house.  Luckily he loves dogs and was very excited to have Jakey there.

Although the reason we were there was very sad, it was fun to see everyone again.  Tom's Mom flew in his older brother Byron and his oldest son James for the funeral.  The three brothers were able to hang out and go to dinner together.  Tom really enjoyed his time with his brothers and the rest of his family.  I also got to see my girlfriends while I was there.  We hung out Sunday night and then met up to go to dinner Monday (without the boys).  It was so much fun to see them (as it always is).  Like usual I forgot to take any pictures of us together.  Maybe next time!

Early Tuesday morning we woke up and drove all the way back to Washington.  Fun trip, but we were all excited to get home (especially Jake).  Jake doesn't mind road trips, but thinks these 16 hour ones are stupid.  Can't say I blame him, but Tom and I are both thankful that he does such a good job on these long trips.  I'm so thankful that for our next trip to Utah in June we get to fly.  I hope we can find someone to watch Jake before we leave!  Wish me luck!  (I've attached a picture I took of Tom, his two brothers and our oldest nephew all playing legos.  Yes, he is an adult!  They all seemed to be having a great time.)


Ben Cozzens said...

Love the lego pic. Some men will always be boys at heart!- Marcie

Tara said...

I think that we all married men that are "boys" at heart.