Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Self Employment

Since I have lived in Washington I have been looking for a job.  I've come pretty close to getting a job a couple of times, but have always lost the job to someone else because that person has a person connection to the company in some way.  It can be quite frustrating when I am the more qualified applicant, but I don't have the connections.  I've gotten to the point that I'm tired of applying and looking at jobs.  Recently I've started looking at other options.  Due to Tom's job, I don't need a job to totally support me.  I just want to be able to bring in a little extra money to help us a little.

I'm thinking of a few options.  I am looking into selling things on Ebay, beling a Mary Kay consultant, and possibly a Mystery Shopper.  All of these would be a slow progression type of business.  I would start slow and figure things out as I go.  I know that trying to make money quickly will only lead to failure, but if I take it slow and steady I should be able to do it. 

On Ebay, I'm going to start by selling some personal things around the house to get a feel for it.  Then my plan is to buy a few things through discount or used item stores and slowly start to figure out how much people would pay for them.  My plan is also to only try to get a little profit from each thing and have more items out for sale.  Like I said this will go slow, but I am doing a lot of research before I start so I can be smart about my decisions. 

Shortly after I moved to Washington I remember hearing a statistic that listed Utah on a list of the most vain cities in America.  Before Washington I lived in Utah for almost 10 years.  When I first heard this statistic, my first response was dis-belief.  I figured I was a pretty typical person in Utah and I did not consider myself vain at all.  I thought I just took care of myself and I liked to look my best.  I still think that to a certain extent, but I've come to kind of understand how Utah arrived on that list.  There is quite a difference in the amount of effort the average person in Utah puts into their looks (including hair maintenance, make-up, surgery, etc) the people I have met and interacted with here in Washington.

This is my main concern with trying to sell Mary Kay here.  I love the product and use it myself, but I'm not sure how the people here will react to it.  Will I be able to sell anything here?  Will it be worth it?  Like I said, I'm not looking to make it rich, I'm just looking for something I can do to bring in some extra money.  I would not consider myself a good sales person, but I do like to share things that I love with others and I love the Mary Kay product.  I like how it makes my skin feel and the superior quality of all the products. 

The mystery shopper angle makes me a little nervous.  I know experiences exist, but I'm unsure exactly how to go about it.  From what I understand I would get hired from a company and get jobs through them.  Kind of interesting, but I can't really find a lot of information about it.

One big benefit of being self employed would be making my own schedule. I could decide when I was going to work and be able to take time off when I needed to.  What do you all think?  For any of you Washington people, how do you think the Mary Kay thing would work?  Does anybody have any other ideas? 


Tara said...

Good ideas. I have tried a couple work from home things but I guess didn't have the determination to keep it going. It is a lot of work. As far a MaryKay goes, if you develop a good client base it should go fine. It isn't all about makeup. Their face/body washes are excellent and I've heard that their anti-aging product line is awesome. I would buy from you if you wouldn't mind shipping them to me. Good luck with your future business ventures.

Tara said...

P.S. Just think of all those baby boomers. The thing I wouldn't like is the networking, finding people who want to hold a party in their homes, and presenting. The makeovers would be fun though. The business opportunity I have heard a lot about lately is 'Scentsy' that sells candles.

Miriam said...

good luck - the most annoying thing about working out of your home is the attitude of others (it's not a real job, your time isn't important, you can be interrupted or drop whatever you are doing easily.) But there are good things too - so good luck!

Packrat said...

Amen to what your mom said. At times, it can be very frustrating.

I do simple bookkeeping out of my house. Aren't you interested in numbers? I would bet that there are small businesses that could use your help with inputting invoices, billing, and even doing the payroll (although the software upgrades for payroll and taxes can get pricey). Maybe this type of thing isn't legal in Washington, but it is in Idaho. Just a thought.

Danae said...

All those sound great! You will be great at whatever you choose to do. My girlfriend used to be a mystery shopper in Vegas and loved it! Good Luck! I can't wait to see what you end up choosing!

Ash and Brent said...

Good luck!

I know personally I don't use a lot of make up type products, but I know people who do, even here in Washington. However, I also know quite a few people who sell Mary Kay, so...I don't know if that helped.

Anyway, good luck!

Ben Cozzens said...

I admire your gumption. You go girl! As far as Mary Kay I know of one consultant- there isn't many around here. I think you'll do great at whatever you choose really. --Marcie