Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Grave Sight

I've recently started reading a couple of new book blogs.  One of them blogged about this book.  I was already familiar with the author, but I had never read this book.  She is the author the Sookie Stackhouse series.  Some of you might have heard about the TV show on HBO called "True Blood".  This TV show is based on the books.  I tried watching them, but they were a bit graphic for me, but I've always liked the books.

This book had a more juvenile feel to it.  I really enjoyed it, but I found it more predictable than her other books.  One of the things I really enjoy about paranormal books, is they can really be off the wall.  Sometimes the authors come up with unique story lines that I never see coming.  Because I read a lot of books, I'm pretty good at  knowing where the author is going before they actually get there.  I had this book figured out before it actually happened, except for certain details.  So the destination was figured out, but the journey was still very enjoyable.  Very cute book, and a series I will continue to read.

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The Zouns said...

Thanks for the review, I have been looking for some books to load up on the Kindle to prepare for Belize.