Friday, May 7, 2010

Our Last Weekend With the Henrichsens

When we originally moved to Washington 1 1/2 years ago, we were very lucky to move into a wonderful ward where we made a lot of amazing friends.  One of the many wonderful things about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (or Mormons) is that no matter where you move, your ward has the potential of being an extended family.  This was definitely one of those situations (we are just as lucky with our current ward too).  One of the amazing families we met there were the Henrichsens (I will be using the alias first names they use on their blogs instead of their real names our of respect for them).  We've been over to their apartment multiple times for dinner and/or game nights.  We've also had them over to our house for the same reasons.  Wood is a member of the Navy and recently got transferred to a teaching position in Arizona.

Although this is a very exciting thing for their family because he will be able to stay with them all the time instead of being gone for months at a time, it is very sad for us.  We loved hanging out with Wood, Woodine, and their two children MaryP and Atom.  We got together for dinner at their house their last week in their apartment.  While we were there, they asked us if it was okay if they stayed at our house the night after they check out of their apartment.  Of course we were totally okay with this, we were actually happy to have a little more time to spend with them.

They showed up that evening and we had a wonderful evening.  We had dinner and had a great time playing a new board game.  Jake of course was unbelievably happy to have new friends in our house (because everybody is immediately his friend no matter who the person is).  He's particularly loving towards children, which can be a bit overwhelming for the poor children.  Their daughter MaryP was a little skittish of Jake, but their baby Atom absolutely loved him.  Jake would lick his fingers and he would just giggle and giggle.  One of the sounds I love best in the world is the sounds of a baby laughing.  Very contagious.

MaryP however did show us her dancing.  She has fallen in love with ballet dancing.  According to her parents, they showed her a video on the internet of a portion of a ballet (I forget which one).  Ever since she has been acting it out in detail.  She even found tissues to use as props and goes off-stage at the appropriate times.  She is very entertaining.  Her Dad will lift her in the air as part of a dance.  It was quite the show!

The next day they left around noon to go see family of theirs near Seattle for a couple of days.  Then they started the trek to Arizona.  Tom and I are both hoping they want to move back after his contract with the Navy ends.  We miss you guys already.  We wish the best for you in Arizona!


Cozzens Family said...

It's so sad to see people you love leave. Sometimes change just plain stinks. On a happier note I agree about hearing babies laughter, it's the sweetest sound in the world! Absolutely heavenly!

Wood said...
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Woodine said...

We miss you too! Thanks for letting us stay with you. Great pictures too. :)